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Kosta Tzapos

Tzapos – The Flying Hairdressers

Information on the client

Konstantinos Tzapos is a master hairstylist and a qualified automotive mechatronic technician. In a fully equipped professional salon installed in an American step van, he is ready to roll out into the market.


Realization of a mobile hair salon including naming, corporate, and interior design.

A salon manager at a renowned Munich salon for several years, Tzapos noticed that although customers enjoyed visiting the hair salon, traveling to and from the salon took up too much of their time. However, working with clients in their homes was out of the question as this could not match his high standards of equipment and of the salon experience. In his truck, he offers a comprehensive range of services, including consultation, cutting, coloring, and hair extensions, and service, and can be flexibly booked via app.


Starting with the leitmotifs of freedom and departure, which were developed throughout briefings, an association with the 1960s emerged. The graphic and illustrative style of the 60s, especially the role and representation of hair during this decade, served as inspiration throughout the design process.

Stylized hair is a central theme throughout the corporate design: in the logo, an abstracted form symbolizes a precise cut while simultaneously referring to the succinct “Z” within the name. A flexible design element in the communication design, waving hair conveys the feeling of freedom and provides dynamic. The typography sets a modern, sophisticated accent. The design system, consisting of word and image branding, supports versatility of application and dimensionality. The primary warm gray tone characterizes the style of the step van, and the accent color of violet stands for creativity and inspiration.

The interior establishes a contrast to the outer structure. A large skylight provides natural light. Built completely from European maple wood, the interior design references the inside of a camping bus. The dimensions and functions of the cabinets were exactly tailored to the hairstylist’s workflow. Combined with details including leather grips and a kilim rug print, the wood creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The carpet pattern, customized with individual illustrations, invites the viewer to discover unexpected details.


  • - Art Direction
  • - Corporate Design
  • - Creative Direction
  • - Design
  • - Illustration
  • - Interior Design LP 1-8
  • - Conception
  • - Logo Design
  • - Furniture concept
  • - Name development
  • - Production
  • - Screen design
  • - Shooting