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Porsche Studio Cheongdam | Retail Concept, Interior Design, Corporate Design

Information on the client

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
Porsche Korea, Porsche AG SSCL Stuttgart Sports Cars Ltd.


Further development of the "Porsche Studio" retail concept, adaptation of interior design, furnishing system, and visual identity, and architectural implementation at Cheongdam in Seoul, South Korea.


Our "Porsche Studio" concept presents a response to the question about the future of automotive retail. In an era of digital anonymity and shifting social values, the value of Porsche Retail is no longer defined by a mere purchase, but by the personal bond between the customer and the brand. The focus of the concept is on brand identity and Porsche culture.

At Porsche Studio Cheongdam, guests embark on a journey that takes them from the brand's past into its future. Brand values are brought to life by the interior atmosphere, narrative content and personal contact. Digital interaction merges with sensory experience.

The interior concept and furnishing system for the 1,060-square-meter location in Cheongdam was further developed and implemented in collaboration with Korean companies. The visual identity establishes a uniquely individual character for Porsche Studio Cheongdam which reflects the strong identity of the brand.

The images used for digital content and communication were by the internationally famous Korean fashion photographer Hong Jang Hyun.


  • - Conception
  • - Corporate Design
  • - Creative Direction
  • - Interior Design LP 1-8
  • - Product Design