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Porsche auf Sylt | Retail Concept, Interior Design, Corporate Design

Information on the client

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
Porsche Deutschland GmbH


The retail industry as a whole is currently engulfed by sweeping changes. But the automotive industry has a particular challenge to face: personal contact with customers and prospects is declining as potential customers increasingly turn to configuring their dream vehicles online. Yet especially effective ways of gaining and retaining customers are available; for example, immersion in emotional experiences, and the opportunity of honing and refining sales pitches in order to arrive at the ideal product for the customer.


Designliga’s concept for the Porsche City Showroom of the future focuses on the perception of the car dealership as a brand centre, where both space and time are focused on bridging the gap between desire for a Porsche and its purchase. Porsche auf Sylt acts as a hub of this desire, and a place of encounter for customers and fans of the brand.

The design concept transfers the brand’s core values to the available space and to all touchpoints and interactions with the customer. Temporary exhibitions and partnerships provide an array of brand references from different perspectives, and form a core element of the space and event concept. They bring life to the retail centre by inspiring discussion and ideas, attracting new visitors and encouraging repeat visits.

The retail concept integrates the elements of hospitality, Porsche Design Shop, Porsche Drive (car hire) and the sales preparation process, which interact in personal and assisted configuration experiences. Entertaining interactions using elements of augmented reality and virtual reality bring visitors closer to their dream car. The personal assistance provided makes use of a sophisticated combination of digital technology and sensuous hands-on experience. Sales are subsequently handled by the responsible Porsche Centre.

Designliga developed the overall concept and was responsible for interior and communication design, to ensure a consistent public face for the Porsche auf Sylt brand. Concept production included development of the retail, utilization and event concepts, including the customer journey and exhibition concept, and the development of brand identity, from vision/mission to the wording and tone of texts and images. Interior design covered all phases of performance from design draft to implementation, and every aspect of end-to-end styling, down to the last coffee spoon – and even a dog bar. Communication design included logo design, photo shoot, design guideline, image and exhibition brochures, business stationery and invitations.

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