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Kulturkreis Grafenau

Corporate Design, Communication Media

Information on the client

Kulturkreis Grafenau was established in 1976 as a non-profit cultural organization. It holds concerts, serenades, theatre performances and exhibitions in and around the neoclassical palace of Schloss Dätzingen.


Development of a new corporate design and event communication.


Marion Koepf has hosted the concert series and serenades since 1991 and is one of the pillars of Kulturkreis Grafenau. Driven by a passion for music and untiring energy, she attracts high-calibre artists to the intimate venue with its historic atmosphere. Marion Koepf’s mission focuses on inspiring appreciation and respect for the musicians and their virtuosity, and for the interaction between audience and performers.

Schloss Dätzingen was built in 1607 by the Order of the Knights of St John and is the beating heart of Kulturkreis Grafenau. This unique location delivered the basis and inspiration for the new corporate identity. The logo’s design mark is based on the Maltese cross and is complemented by a wordmark. The geometrical elements of the corporate design echo the striking architecture of the palace and form a modular framework for Kulturkreis Grafenau’s event communication.

The communication elements combine recurring, severely geometrical style hallmarks of Kulturkreis Grafenau as the sender, with free design formats such as papercut silhouettes, illustration and collage. Each event is thus represented by freely designed customized media, and given unity and structure by the recurring signature design of the sender and the colour palette. This unity ensures high levels of recognition and public profile, while still allowing the maximum freedom to design individual communication elements.

Communication media are published regularly in the form of annual programmes, event programme brochures, flyers, newsletters and posters.


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