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Landeshauptstadt München

Corporate Design Development

Information on the client

The Kompetenz Team for the Cultural and Creative Industry of the City of Munich advises, connects and supports individuals working within the cultural and creative fields and promotes public awareness of the intrinsic economic value and performance of this industry.


Development of a visual identity in close relation to the branding of the Munich state capital.


The institution pivots between eleven different markets - from architecture, to performing and fine arts, to the advertising industry - and operates between the structure of a public agency and the freedom of creatives. This field of tension provides the basis for the design concept.

The trademark works as a stable framework. The absence of the conjunction "and" creates a graphic space for the situational use of the trademark, the black dot. The color and font correspond to the city of Munich branding. Central to the design are eleven circles with specific patterns, which symbolize each submarket. These can be used individually or in dynamic compositions.


  • - Art direction
  • - Brand Architecture
  • - Conception
  • - Corporate Design
  • - Corporate Design Manual
  • - Creative Direction
  • - Cross Media Marketing
  • - Design
  • - Design Concept
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Logo Design
  • - Photo Shoot
  • - Screen Design
  • - Text