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EHW Foundation

Beer and Oktoberfest Museum | Corporate Design, Corporate Website

Information on the client

The Edith-Haberland-Wagner Foundation is the majority shareholder of the Augustiner brewery and, among other functions, is responsible for the management of the buildings and real estate in its ownership.


Development of the corporate design and website for the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, situated in Munich's oldest town-house.


Both the Oktoberfest and beer itself are, aside from their cultural aspects, great economic drivers for Munich. The mission of the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, and thus of its visual communication, is to illustrate these historic relationships, distinct from established stereotypes and at the crossroads between past and present.

We would like to thank our partner Form & Code for technical consultation and implementation.

Link: Beer and Oktoberfest Museum


  • - Corporate Design
  • - Conception
  • - Logo Redesign
  • - Screen design