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Die Registratur

Corporate Design, Communication Media

Information on the client

Die Registratur was an institution in Munich's subculture and nightlife scene from 2003 to 2009. Established by architect David B. Walker as a subculture platform for a variety of event types including DJ sets, live acts, club evenings, concerts and readings, Die Registratur was known throughout the international electro scene for its discerning booking policy and outstanding party nights.


Development of a name in collaboration with the company founders. Development of corporate design. Corporate design management / support from 2003 - 2009 including relaunch in 2007.


The name initially represented a direct local link as the events were held in the former filing department ('Registratur') of the city utilities company. It also directly referenced the positioning of the venue as a subculture platform. Subculture stands for demarcation from and rebellion against mainstream culture. What better way of bringing this idea to life and communicating it than to take over a centre of order and structure and fill it with booming basses and dancing till dawn?

Die Registratur and its associated concept of filing, archiving and order became the focus throughout the corporate design. The visual language of official forms and the old-fashioned punch cards once used as primitive data storage media inspired the overall look and feel of the logo, from letterheads, flyer and poster templates to the Web concept and screen design.


  • - Cross media marketing
  • - Design
  • - Illustration
  • - Conception
  • - Production