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Audi Dealer Meeting 2016 | Key Visual, Communication Media

Information on the client

AUDI AG is a german premium automobile manufacturer and is owned by the Volkswagen Group.


Development of key visual, communication materials and exhibition visuals for the 2016 Dealer Meeting


At its Dealer Meetings, AUDI AG presents an immersive brand experience with product presentation staged at a selected destination. The 2016 Dealer Meeting chose the Spanish island of Ibiza as the location for presentation of the Audi Q2. In addition to offering the opportunity to experience the vehicle in action in driving experiences on a variety of routes, Audi communicated its core brand values in a product show featuring future vehicle models, a theme-based exhibition, and an appropriately tailored supporting program.

The highlight vehicle of the event—the new Audi Q2—was the starting-point for our communication design and the Q2 presentation. Marketing communication for the Q2, which is aimed at a young, dynamic target group, focused on the positioning of #untaggable and used brilliant yellow as a signal color, an untypical choice for the Audi brand. Together with #hashtag-based text communication, this formed the design basis for the various print media and screen designs in advance of the event, and for interior and digital design and displays at the event locations on Ibiza. The “Audi Base” was the central hub of driving experience organization at the Meeting, and the starting-point for a variety of program items related to the Audi Q2.
The “Audi Lab” showcased the future as a key topic. Vehicles and exhibits were displayed in an environment that made use of different zones and materials to convey the character of a “creative workspace.” As a contrast, the catering areas featured a warmer design.


  • - Animation
  • - Art Direction
  • - Design
  • - Conception
  • - Kreativdirektion
  • - Packaging
  • - Production
  • - Screen design