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Audi CLT 2015 | Brand Staging, Product Show

Information on the client

AUDI AG is a german premium automobile manufacturer and is owned by the Volkswagen Group.


Product presentation as part of Audi Central Launch Training (CLT) 2015.

With around 12,000 attendees from 40 countries, CLT is AUDI AG’s core market launch training element for its vehicles. It is conducted in groups of 200 participants per day. The culmination of the two-day product training is an exclusive presentation of previously unreleased vehicles.

The event takes place over a period of almost three months.


The omnipresence of Audi’s factory security service and the event location in the Alps – with its associations to James Bond films – were our inspiration for creating Audi Secret Labs as the setting for the product presentation.

Attendees are immersed in the imaginary world of Audi Secret Labs, where Audi has worked on automotive evolution for many, many years.

After passing through a security gate the attendees climb down a staircase that leads them deeper and deeper into the heart of the mountain until they reach the secret laboratory of Professor Edge, Head of Engineering at Audi Secret Labs. An introductory video outlines the mysteries of Audi Secret Labs and gives attendees an impression of the extent of the vast underground site, with with countless levels and long test tracks. During the following presentation of secret vehicles, attendees hear a dialogue between Professor Edge and Security, represented by a female voiceover. They witness Professor Edge revealing more and more confidential innovations of the future in his enthusiasm before he is finally hauled offstage by the security service. The auditorium is then “neuralyzed” by a flash of lightning, blotting out the audience’s memories of the events in the laboratory by “overwriting” them with an audio-visual projection of the evening’s programme to follow.

Audi Secret Labs is a multisensory event format.
The concept, design and realization of this subterranean laboratory setting spans architecture, graphic design, multimedia elements and moving images. The dramatic script, dialogue and direction unifies the various disciplines into an integrated experience.


  • - Art Direction
  • - Cross media marketing
  • - Design
  • - Digital Staging
  • - Interactive installation
  • - Interior Design LP 1-8
  • - Conception
  • - Kreativdirektion
  • - Brand architecture
  • - Production